Artist – Anirban Dhar
Size – 8.5 X 9 Inches
Medium – Mixed Media On Paper

Through the work the artist tries to reveal a situation which conceptually describes the contextual meaning with touch of ‘satirical’ elements. In this work there is a ‘goat’ image which holds guns in hands. Interestingly, the object’s dress reflects with texts written ‘friend’ –‘f’ is missing. Here the work conveys dialogue between the observers of the work and between the artwork. The image of ‘goat’ here represented as identity of vulnerable characters from society. The object in the painting carries ‘friend’ in t-shirt –‘f’ is missing and alongside involvements of gun in hands satirically pinches the message that ‘is friendship/peace is possible with guns in hands..!’-  as guns are what actually convey that every individual knows.


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