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Artist  –  Anas Sultan
Medium – Charcoal on Paper
Size – 22 X 30 Inch

This painting is a composition artwork with dynamic light and dark shades, which were perfectly balanced. There are several expressions in this painting. I have tried to balance all the emotions and thoughts in this rhythmic form. Flourishing of thoughts in human mind is so obvious and natural process, so this natural process is denoted by a bird in this painting. I have used red color to show the energy. The medium of this painting are pastel colors which enhance the liveliness of rhythmic form. Therefore, I can say this painting is creative, composition, rhythmic artwork which is ample of energy for the viewers.

2 reviews for Energy

  1. Nandani Bhugra

    Wonderful thought

  2. Anjum Parveen

    It’s really osm 😍❤️

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