India’s victory over Corona

Artist : Santosh Kumar Sahni
Medium : Oil on Canvas
Size : 36 x 48 inches

मेरा भारत महान
My India is great.
The whole world is a family. This idea is embedded in the people of India. If anyone anywhere in the universe has a problem then all of us Indians are at the forefront.

At present, the whole world is affected by a virus called corona. Due to which all the countries of the world are prone to corona virus and are immersed in this odd conditions. Thousands to millions of humans are dying. There is no way of reflecting this. Which is very sad as it is well known that artists and litterateurs have been creatively expressing emotions through different mediums, influenced by the events that have happened. India has always been at the forefront of peace and public welfare. The corona virus is hurting the entire world with the invisible virus. In which India leads among all countries in a supportive manner.
Impressed by this incident, the artist Santosh Kumar Sahni has shown the dead humans in white color becoming the food of the invisible virus called corona virus. India is moving forward and is proving helpful to the world, whose symbol is the tricolor flag. In the present circumstances, India is helping the world by giving artificial medicines. The medicine given by India is a boon for the world. India wants the world free from corona virus. Jai Hind.



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