Artist  –  Anas Sultan
Medium – Pastels on paper
Size – 22 X 30 Inch

This painting is an array of my own feelings. As the title of painting says about the painting, introversion, but here introversion means lot of thoughts and feelings which were flourishing in one’s mind which he or she can’t express through the words. similarly, there were thousands of feelings and thoughts which were running in my mind, so I have revealed all of my thoughts through this painting. In this painting I have shown round figures in place of human’s head. These several round figures denote the thoughts and feelings which were running in my mind at that time. In another sense it is a head full of views and numerous thoughts .The human figure which I have drawn in this painting with several thoughts seems to be relaxed and were involved in his own imaginations and thoughts .(introversion),while doing this painting I feel so connected with this painting as I’m portraying myself on canvas .There is a tone of light and dark shade .This color scheme which were used in painting gives relaxation to the viewers  .I have used cold colors which provides peace of mind to the viewers. The birds in this artwork is a symbol of human nature. Thus, I can say this painting shows the state of a human mind (full of thoughts) while he/she use to think. There is a perfect balance of colors and color combination is quite peaceful and attractive. The person in this painting calmly thinking over his thoughts and seems to be satisfied and happy with his thoughts.


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