Artist  –  Anas Sultan
Medium – Charcoal on paper
Size – 22 X 30 Inch

This painting is a representation of Kaamdev ,who is a symbol of love.Kaamdev is a God of love ,affection and sexuality. according to Hindu mythology. Kaamdev  is similar to cupid (God of love) according to Greek mythology.His carriage is parrot and he holds bow and arrows ,his quiver contains five arrows .Though this painting is incorporeal (abstract)but the thought of an artist makes it into realistic form ,an artist can only be able to give the shape or form to the abstract human feelings,through his experience and imaginations which an artist portray or draw in his/her feelings , similarly I have represented Kaamdev into my own style .In this creation ,Kaamdev is in energetic posture, standing with his bow and arrows in his hand .It seems that he is targetting his arrow.His arrows are not pointed or sharp rather than they are made up of flowers which is called Pushp baan .It is believed that whom so ever he shooted with his Pushp baan that person or couple fall in love. Through this painting I have tried to revive the historical indian sculptures into my style .I have put all my efforts in this artwork and tried to make aware the people about the glory of Indian historical sculptures as well as Indian mythologies .The medium of this artwork is charcoal on paper and there is an effect of light and dark shade in a single tone.


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