Reincarnation 1

Artist  –  Anas Sultan
Medium – Acrylic on Paper
Size – 22 X 30 Inch

This painting is representation of my thoughts about the beauty of a women.In this creation I have tried to show the perfect angle or pose of women’s beauty which consists of numerous curves and it has a rhythm in itself.This is an expression of my inner feelings as well as my emotions .As I use to adore and admire the beauty and feels enthusiastic  after having a look towards the beauty ,so that’s why I have pour all my energy into this painting.As  the title of painting is , Reincarnation which means rebirth or revival , similarly my this painting is  a revival of my thoughts and historical indian sculpture paintings.because I have abled to portray this after having a keen observation and study of Indian sculptures.Though in this painting I have tried to revive the beauty of Indian sculptures to this modern era .In this painting I  have drawn a moon on the breast of a woman,as moon is a symbol of desires ,moreover it is neither full moon nor half moon,it’s a Cresent moon to show the delicateness of women’s heart ,and moon’s colour is a blend of light and dark shade. As a crux ,this creation displays the revival of my emotions and it is also a revival of Indian sculpture art in my version.It denotes my own point of view towards the beauty of a woman.There is lively rythm of light and dark tone in this painting.



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