Artist  –  Anas Sultan
Medium – Charchol on paper
Size – 22 X 30 Inch

This painting is an artistic composition work ,with dynamic light and dark shade .This painting is an initial painting of my series work (series painting)in which I m exploring women’s rhythmic form. Through this painting I have expressed all my feelings ,opinions ,and emotions which were flourishing in my subconscious mind and also which were being deep inside in my unconscious mind .This artwork is totally based on Indian historical sculptures.During the painting an artist physically and mentally get involved in his /her work similarly I use to get involved consiously  in my work.I have drawn the birds in this artwork which stands for nature or it is a symbol of nature .The blend of tones gives peace of mind to the viewers .Hence I can say it is a composition painting which contains all of my thoughts and it is a revival of historical indian sculptures into all new rythmic form which fills the energy in the mind of viewers.


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